Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shivaji's Ashtapradhan (Council of Eight Ministers)

Shivaji's Ashtapradhan (Council of Eight Ministers)

(i) The peshwa or the chief minister : He looked after general admin­istration

(ii) The amatya or majumdar : He was responsible for finance, state's income and expendi­ture.

(iii) The sachiv or shuru nawis: He was responsible for all corre­spondence.

(iv) The sumant or dabir: He worked as foreign minister and was responsible for corre
spondence with other kings.

(V) The Senapati or san-i-naubat : He was not the commander-in­chief but looked after recruit­ment, training and discipline of the army.

(Vi) The mantri or waqia nawis: He was responsible for the per­sonal safety of the king.
(Vii) The nyayadhish : He was responsible for adminis­tration of justice.

(viii) The dhanadhyaksha or the pundit rao: He had two responsibilities­
(a) looking after charitable work, and (b) working for the moral uplift of the people.


  1. Useful but not full detail. Only one two lines. I this only one paragraph for each ashtapradhan mandal.
    But this article also use for general knowledge...
    Thank you.....