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. Shivaji was generally influenced by Dadaji Konda-dev and Guru Ramdas.
. The Sultan of Bijapur ~nt Afzal Khan to capture Shivaji. Shivaji killed Afzal Khan with a weapon called Baghnakh (tiger's claw). . Shivaji was coronated at Raigarh in 1674. . The eight-member council of ministers of Shivaji was called ashtapradlinn.
. The territory directly under the rule of Shivaji was known as swaraj.
. Sardeshmukhi was. an additional levy of 10 per cent on
such lands which formed part of the Mughal empire but on which the Maratha claimed hereditary rights.
. The Treaty of Purandhar in 1665, signed between Shivaji and the Mughal was mediated by Raja Jai Singh of Amber.
. In the post-Shivaji period, Aurangzeb divided the
Marathas into two rival camps-one under Tara Bai and the other under Sahu.
. Saranjam was the letter of authority issued by the Maratha king Sahu to the Maratha sardars which gave the latter the power to collect chauth and sardeshmukhi.
. The first major political victory of Shivaji was the conquest of Javli in 1656 from the Maratha chief, Chandra Rao More.
. Haindava-Dharmoddharak (Protector of the Hindu faith)
was the title adopted by Shivaji.
. Shivaji's last military expedition was the Karnataka
. Shivaji built the fort of Jenji where his son Rajaram took refuge following Aurangzeb's all-out war on the Marathas.
. Shivaji's revenue system followed the pattern of Malik
Ambar's system.

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